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Polywell Mini PCs for video surveillance

Video surveillance systems have become an integral part of our lives. They are practically everywhere – on the streets, in stores, on transport, in entrances, in elevators, in parking lots, in hotels, in schools, in country houses and apartments. In large cities almost every step we take is recorded by video cameras. One can argue for a long time about how this corresponds to our ideas about privacy and privacy.


However, from the point of view of public safety, security of our property, health and sometimes life, video surveillance systems are an absolute boon. They are quite a serious deterrent for criminal elements, a factor that complicates the commission of offenses (because it requires additional precautions) and, to some extent, is preventive. Surely, if law enforcement agencies kept statistics on solving crimes with the help of video surveillance cameras, the percentage would be close to 100.

 However, all the efforts to deploy video surveillance systems will be meaningless if the PCs on which they operate are not guaranteed to work reliably. Who needs a video surveillance system that misses some frames in the recording?


Polywell Computers Industrial Mini PCs fully meet the requirements for video surveillance computers. They are distinguished by high reliability due to the use of components industrial grade, but not commercial grade, they are specifically designed to work in a 365 / 24. In contrast to many competitors, Polywell Computers openly publishes mean time between failures (MTBF) values for its systems. This is typically 100,000 hours. Some industrial mini PCs are fanless, resulting in low power consumption and quiet operation. They are equipped with two gigabit network ports to ensure guaranteed video streaming throughput from connected IP video cameras. Sufficient processor power ensures uninterrupted and high-quality video processing.

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Here you can select your system according to 32 parameters.

Start with the factor that is most important to you by selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down list. The products will be filtered and a list of systems that meet your first criterion will be provided. You can then specify other factors that are important to you. The first selection will be filtered through the subsequent factors one by one. It will show how many systems meet the criteria you set.

You can start over at any time by pressing either of the two “Reset” buttons.

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