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Among ordinary computers working in offices or production facilities, the so-called workstations stand out. They are powerful computers with high-performance processors and large amounts of memory designed for complex and extensive computational tasks. They also include personal computers with powerful graphics gas pedals.

  1. Workstations are typically used in the following areas (the list could go on):
  2. High performance computing
  3. Numerical methods (finite difference method, finite element method, etc.)
  4. Mechanical computer-aided design systems, including 3D modeling
  5. Systems of computer aided design of electronic devices
  6. Computer simulation systems
  7. Graphic design
  8. Nonlinear video editing
  9. Sound Processing
  10. GIS

The design features of workstations include the use of the most efficient processors. AMD Ryzen Threadripper, Inte® Core X-series and Intel Xeon are often used. Sometimes multiprocessor configurations are used. Typically, workstations are equipped with a large amount of RAM. Graphics workstations are often equipped with powerful graphics cards, including those based on NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro platforms. For high performance computing, NVIDIA GPUs based on NVIDIA Ampere architecture are used. The disk subsystem is usually represented by the fastest SSD NVMe drives. Various RAID configurations are used to accelerate it.

Polywell Computers workstations are designed with the latest technological advances and are the best choice for the corporate user.

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