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Polywell Mini PC configuration selection request

Customer requirements for Polywell Computers Mini PCs
If you don't have the time or desire to choose the PC you need from hundreds of our models, you can leave it to us. We will be happy to find models that meet your technical requirements. All you have to do is to choose. Please fill out this form and click on the "Send" button. We'll send you a list of models that match your requirements. Please note that some items are mandatory (marked with an asterisk). We really need them to choose the right model. For example, we ask for approximate volume and delivery schedule, not because we want to give more consideration to customers with large batches. For us, all customers are equal, and all are welcome. The matter is that, under the current conditions of global shortage of electronic components, delivery time of some models can take 10-12 weeks. That's why we want to know the approximate delivery volumes, so we don't make you wait too long, but offer a more affordable model at the moment.
For example, a specific model or generation of processors, if known.
If known, specify the desired performance of the processor according to the PassMark benchmark (https://www.cpubenchmark.net/).
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A survey about the criteria for selecting a PC manufacturer
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