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March 28, 2024

Polywell Computers and VyOS Networks Forge a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Networking Solutions

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Polywell Computers, Inc., a leader in custom computing solutions, and VyOS Networks Corporation, the manufacturer of the renowned open-source network operating system. This alliance is set to create a powerful synergy in the market, bringing together the robust hardware capabilities of Polywell with the versatile and scalable software solutions of VyOS.

A New Era of Networking Innovation

The collaboration between Polywell Computers and VyOS Networks marks a significant milestone in the networking industry. Customers of both companies stand to benefit immensely from the combined expertise and innovation that this partnership promises. The integration of VyOS flexible network operating system with Polywell’s high-performance hardware will deliver unparalleled networking solutions that cater to a wide range of customer needs, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Accolades and Recognition

In celebration of this partnership, we are proud to remind that the Polywell Nano-U10L4-SFP+ mini PC powered by VyOS, a joint product that has already received a highly beneficial review in Network Computing magazine (Polywell Computers – recognition from Network Computing). This compact yet powerful device is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern networking environments, offering high-speed connectivity and reliability in a small form factor.

The Polywell Nano-U10L4-SFP+ has not only impressed industry experts but has also been recognized as a finalist in the NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR category of Network Computing magazine. This nomination is a testament to the innovative spirit and technical excellence that the partnership between Polywell Computers and VyOS Networks embodies.

Support Us in the Network Computing Awards

As the Polywell Nano-U10L4-SFP+ vies for the prestigious title of NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR, we invite our valued customers and readers to show their support. Voting is already open at www.networkcomputingawards.co.uk, and we would be honored to have your vote (NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR section). Your support is instrumental in driving us forward and inspiring us to continue delivering cutting-edge networking solutions.


Join Us on This Exciting Journey

The partnership between Polywell Computers and VyOS Networks is more than just an agreement; it’s a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best that technology has to offer, and together, we are poised to redefine the networking landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we embark on this exciting journey together. For more information on our products and the partnership, please visit www.polywell.com and www.vyos.io.

About Polywell Computers Polywell Computers (since 1987) is a Silicon Valley based is a trusted manufacturer of SFF industrial-grade and embedded computers tailored for a wide range of applications. Being positive that the two major trends in modern digitalization process are reduction of size and power consumption of PCs and their usage in vast range of business applications, we have focused on design and manufacture of mini-PCs and servers assembled with industrial grade components.

The company has built its reputation by becoming a recognized leader in the PC market and is widely known not only in the U.S., but also in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Our systems are marked with the signs of excellence in major IT media on a regular basis.

About VyOS Networks VyOS Networks Corporation is the manufacturer of VyOS – a fully open-source network operating system that provides a comprehensive range of features, including routing, firewall, VPN, and more. It is designed to offer flexibility, scalability, and ease of use for network administrators, making it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. Dedicated to enhancing networks globally, VyOS offers unmatched consistency, openness, and flexibility, making it a top choice for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. VyOS Networks stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the open networking landscape

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