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Polywell Booksize i-Series

Chassis 1" Slim Booksize Mini PC

Featured Highlights

• Dimensions: 7.46"(W)x 5.8"(D) x 1.0"(H)/Fanless version: 7.48"(W)x 5.8"(D) x 1.45"(H)
• For Booksize MB with Slim blower, Optional Fanless SKU available.
• Supports u-series Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron Mobile CPU configurations
• 7mm-15mm 2.5" HD/SSD Drive Bay
• DC12/19V 36W-120W Power in
• Supports VESA, wall mount as well for 1U Multiple System tray.
• Color: Black or Silver as default color, custom colors available with special order

Models that may be built in this chassis

ModelProcessorChipsetMemoryGraphicsNetworkM.2 (8 = 2280, 4 = 2242, 6 = 2260)MSataUSB2.0USB3.0PortsExpansionOtherIOAudio
i61Bi5-7200uKaby Lake-u2 DDR3SOIntel HD 5201 Intel112 F2 F1 HDMI+1 DP2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i61Fi5-7200uKaby Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel HD 6201 Inteli219LM+1 RealtekRTL8111F2-812 R2 R+2 S2 DP+1 VGA2 MiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
i63B/i65Bi3-8145UWhiskey Lake-u Coffee Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 620 Intel Iris 6551 RealtekRTL8111H115 S5 S1 HDMI+1 HDMI2.0+1 DPMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i63F/i63ui7-8665uWhiskey Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6201 Intel i219LM/S+1 Realtek RTL8111F/R112 R+4 S2 R+4 S1 HDMI+1 HDMI2.0+1 DPMiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
i63C/i65C10th/8th Gen. u-SeriesComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u SOC2 DDR4SO10th/8th Gen. UHD GraphicsIntel® i219+Realtek® RTL8111H w/ SIM14 R+2F1 HDMI 2.0+1 HDMI 1.4+1 DP 1.2MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i59Bi5-6200uSkylake-u2 DDR3SOIntel HD 5201 Inteli219LM112 R2 R1 HDMI+1 DP2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i41FN3150Braswell-u2 DDR3SO8th Gen. HD2 Realtek12 R3 R1 DP+1 HDMI2 MiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
i42F/i43FN3350Apollo Lake1 DDR3SOIntel HD 5002 Realtek12 R3 R1 HDMI+1 DP2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i39BJ1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD1 Realtek14 R1 R1 HDMI+1 VGAMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i39F-J1900J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD2 Realtek12 R3 R1 HDMI+1 VGAMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
V4000-4HDMIV1605BAMD V10002 DDR4SORadeon Vega1 RealtekRTL8111H12 S2 H4 HDMI2.0MiniPCIe
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