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Polywell Nano-MX5 Series

5" Plastic Nano Form Factor for N/J /Z and ARM-Series

Featured Highlights

• Dimensions:
5.00"(W) x 5.00"(D) x 1.20"(H)
• Nano Size Plastic Chassis for J/N/Z and ARM Series CPU
• DC 5V-12V 15W-36W Power In
• Supports VESA, wall mount or rackmount brackets
• Color: Black or Silver as default color, custom colors available with special order

Models that may be built in this chassis

ModelProcessorChipsetMemoryGraphicsNetworkM.2 (8 = 2280, 4 = 2242, 6 = 2260)MSataUSB2.0USB3.0PortsExpansionOtherIOAudio
Z83Nx5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OB8th Gen. HD1 RealtekRTL8111GS-CG+11ac WiFi/BT3 F1 F1 HDMI+1 miniDPMiniPCIeALC5645-CGT
X9RK3288RK32880 DDR3OB4 Core Mali-T71 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.031 HDMI2.05.1 HDMI
X39RK3399RK33990 DDR4OBMali T8601 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.13 S1 S1 HDMI2.0+1 Type-CIR/F+PI/F+PB/S5.1 HDMI
X7RK3188RK31880 DDR3OB4 Core Mali-4001 RJ45(100M)+11n WiFi+BT 4.031 HDMI5.1 HDMI
X10RK3368RK33680 DDR3OBPowerVR G61101 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.131 HDMI2.05.1 HDMI
U22-XJS922XJS9050 DDR4OBMail-G521 RJ45+11ac WiFi+BT 4.13 S3 S1 HDMI2.0PI/F+PB/SPI/F+PB/S
Z83Gx5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OB8th Gen. HD1 Realtek+11ac WiFi/BT3 F1 F1 HDMI/R+1 VGA/SUSB Audio
Nano-Z83-4Dx5-Z8350Cherry Trail0 DDR3OB8th Gen. HD1 Realtek+11ac WiFi/BT3 F1 F1 HDMI+1 miniDPMiniPCIeUSB Audio
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