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Polywell PolyStor 8074A (Petabyte Solution)

8U 74xSAS/SATA/SSD, up to 740TB per Box 8,000Mb/s High Performance iSCSI/SAN/NAS

Featured Highlights

Up to 740TB per box. With an affordable price, this is the best petabyte storage solution.
8,000Mb/s Hardware Accelerated RAID-0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 with hot spares option.
Support for SSD, SAS and SATA drives (can be mixed).
Support for iSCSI, NFS, SMB, NAS (can be mixed).
4 to 12 x Gigabit, or mix with 10Gbit, Fibre Channel Host, Infiniband.
One to four Intel Xeon Multi-Core processors; up to 1TB system memory.
Linux-based storage server for large-capacity, high-performance I/O networks.
Private / Public cloud application for live data, archive backup and recovery.
Supports Windows, Mac and Linux Clients.
User-friendly Web interface for setting up users and access rights.
Redundant Power Supply. (3+1), KVM over IP supported.
PolyStor 8074A is one of the highest capacity storage server in a single 8U box with individual hot swap (non-top pull type) drives, at a very affordable price. This is one of the best intelligent network storage solution for data centers, enterprise archiving, or cloud storage.

CPU options
•Intel® Xeon™ Processor E5-2600 V4 Series
•32GB Quad-Channel ECC DDR4 system memory•Optional: up to 2 TB system memory
OS and Storage Manager
•Linux OS and NAS/iSCSI WEB based Manager•Optional: Red Hat Ceph,Solaris, Windows Server, MS Storage Server, VMware, FreeBSD, Other Open Soruce Linux.
File system
•XFS, EXT3 standard •Optional: ZFS, NTFS, or any file system supported by the x86 platform
Network I/O
•Optional: Additional 4 or 8 Gigabit LAN, 10Gbit Ethernet, Fibre Channel for SAN (can be mixed) •56Gbit FDR or 40Gbit QDR Infiniband supported
Network Service
•DHCP client/server (default is DHCP client/static) •Network Protocol: CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP •iSCSI / NAS / SAN (Can be mixed)
Management Interface
•Web GUI •E-mail notification •Local Host Access via VGA and Keyboard
•Up to 6 x PCIe 3.0 slots (full height, full length)
Remote Boot Function
•Requires NIC with PXE support on client
File Sharing
•Authorizes users to access shared folder using passwords (by default, there is one "Public" shared folder)
Access Control
•Allows users to access shared files for "Read Only" or "Read/Write"
•4x USB 2.0 rear connectors•VGA graphics •2 x SATA-6G/s, 4 SATA-3G/s SATA port, optional SAS ports supported •Optional: 2 additional I/O (such as COM, PS/2, TPM) supported by header or add-on
Remote Controls
•Power on/off, system reset + USB •IPMI, KVM over IP, Remote Power On/Off is supported
•Power, LAN and HDD LEDs
•Rear: 9 x 40 x 56mm hot-swap fans for HDD Bays + 4 x 60 x 38mm fans for MB
Power Supply
•1350W 3+1 redundant power supply (4 x 500W modules) UR/FCC/CE Certified
Operating Temperature
•From 0 ºC to 40 ºC (32ºF to 104 ºF)
Non-Operating Temperature
•From 0 ºC to 40 ºC (32ºF to 104 ºF)
Operating Humidity
•From 10% to 90% relative humidity
EMI Safety
•8U Rackmount Chassis
•Dimensions: 19" W x 14" H x 27" D
•Weight: 200 lb.
•SAS and SATA-E Hard Driver carry 5 year,SATA-N carries 3 year •Base system:3 year standard parts and depot labor;lifetime toll free phone support. •Optional:3 or 5-year(total years) extended warranty with advanced parts replacement service.•Optional:7+year extended warranty service available. •On-site service is available with additional cost.
•Hardware accelerated RAID controller (3 RAID processors) PCIe 3.0 8x bus •Up to 2,000MB/sec sustained read and write. Unparalleled performance •Over 8,000MB/sec random write and 3,500MB/sec random read •74 x 3.5" hot-swap drive bays for SAS/SATA•Optional: 1 Internal 3.5" and 2 x 2.5" drives •RAID 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 with hot spare support (mixed configurations available)
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