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Polywell STX-MX5.5 Series

Chassis 5.5" Plastic STX Form Factor for N/J Series

Featured Highlights

• Dimensions: 5.5"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 1.25"(H)
• STX Size Plastic Chassis for J/N Series CPU
• DC 12V 36W-60W Power In
• Supports VESA, wall mount or rackmount brackets
• Color: Black or Silver as default color, custom colors available with special order

Models that may be built in this chassis

N4100KN4100Gemini Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6001 Realtek1-6/82 F2 F1 HDMI+1 miniDP+1 Type-C5.1 ALC269
N4000EN4000Gemini Lake0 DDR4OBIntel UHD 6001 Realtek/S1-6/82 F2 F1 HDMI/S+1 miniDP/S5.1 ALC662
N4100VN4100Gemini Lake0 DDR4OBIntel UHD 6001 Realtek12 S2 S1 HDMI+1 DP+1 VGA5.1 ALC662
N4200-NGC2N4200Apollo Lake2 DDR3SOIntel HD 5051 Realtek+11ac WiFi/BT13 R3 R1 HDMI+1 miniDP5.1 ALC662
N4000KN4200Apollo Lake2 DDR3SOIntel HD 505 Intel HD 5001 Realtek+11ac WiFi/BT13 S3 S1 HDMI+1 miniDP+1 Type-C5.1 ALC662
J5040/J4125-NGC3J5005Gemini Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6051 Realtek + 1 M.2 2230 + WiFi/BT13 S1 HDMI + 1 DP + 1 LanALC662
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