2022_07_29 Industry trends – summer 2022

Industry trends - summer 2022

Summer, being a traditional vacation period, is also suitable for half-year market analysis. Let me share my perceptions with you.

Global PC market declined 12.6%; EMEA PC shipments dropped 18% in the second quarter of 2022. According to some sources this is the sharpest decline in the past nine years for the global PC market, brought on by geopolitical, economic and supply chain challenges impacting all regional markets.

This is happening despite supply chains are getting better now. We do not observe the electronic components shortage to the extent of mid-Pandemic period. Partially this is due to global market demand declining. But shipping cost is still high affecting by oil price and Pandemic blocking from Asia.

Meanwhile I want to attract your attention to the following technology news:

  1. 3rd Scalable Xeon (Ice Lake) with PCIe 4.0 is getting into mainstream sales while 4th Gen. Scale Xeon (Eagle Stream) with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 coming around the corner by end of this year. It may take 9 months to port the software into the new hardware platform, so the 4th Gen. Xeon won’t take off until the second half of the next year.
  2. AMD may catch up the EYPC with PCIe Gen. 5 and DDR5 next year.
  3. 12th Alder Lake Socket-S and u-series Mobile Core family Desktop and mini IPC are taking off in Q3/Q4 2022.
  4. 13th Gen Socket-S would be launching end of this year and make take off next year with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 with NVMe 5.0.
  5. 11th Jasper Lake N-series Celeron/Pentium becomes mainstream entry level mini-PC for appliances.

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