2023_03_17 Current market challenges and Polywell answers

I’ve been very busy lately and this has prevented me from talking to my respected audience. I’ve finally found a moment to drop you several lines.

Of course, current economic situation is one of the things that keeps me busy as well as top managers of other hardware manufacturers.

The market seems uncertain and affected by the war, inflation, and China supply chains changes. Most of the projects are slowing down in deployments since the second half of 2022. This may continue in Q2 2023.

Interest rate will likely continue to go up until the inflation will go down. This may affect financial sector linked to IT and Biotech startups. Recent Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy shows just one of the consequences of this process.But I think it mainly affects the finance sectors where it has too much floods into the real estate and stock markets. This could be a healthy act to fix the inflation issues to save the economy in long run.  

On the other hand, technological innovation continues at a very rapid pace.  

Intel continues to dominate in the mainstream mid-range computing segment for business and industrial applications. ARM is strong in the entry level low voltage computing for consumer sector, though it’s also well successful in some commercial applications like Digital Signage, home appliance and IPTV. High end computing segment is being challenged by AMD and Nvidia. We also observe some shift to AMD side in high end servers for data centers and cloud computing. Our sales structure reflects these trends as well.

What can a mid-size hardware manufacturer like us do in the current market situation? Of course, we have to do our job even better and try to be even more competitive from the price/performance point of view.

This is why we pay a lot of attention this year to the launch of the newest products. We are trying to keep you updated about our new models in our monthly newsletters but believe me a lot of work is being done under the hood and the results will show later this year.

To name just a few products I’m personally very excited about:

Also 4th Gen AMD EPYC 128 Lane PCIe 5.0 bus, 12 Channel DDR5 for Data Center/Cloud to be launched by end of this year.

Overall, a lot of new technology products coming out this year, but need to see if the application development and market demand could catch up or not.

Looking forward to talking to you again soon.

Take care.


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