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Polywell Computers mini PCs for Digital Signage

Digital Signage (or Digital Signage) technology is firmly in the arsenal of content marketing tools. Its comprehensive audiovisual impact on the viewer, flexibility, control efficiency and relatively low cost make it very attractive not only for advertising, but also for informational, cognitive and educational purposes.

Digital Signage systems are used in public places, transportation companies, shopping and business centers, stores, post offices, cafes, bars and restaurants, hair salons, pharmacies, cinemas, parking lots, cabs, trains and buses – virtually everywhere. As a rule, if you see a screen that broadcasts some information in a public place, you see the embodiment of digital signage technology.

Technically speaking, they consist of:

  1. Visualization tools
  2. Content players
  3. Video switching and delivery tools
  4. Content management systems and digital signage network

Of course, the simplest designs, when all these elements are combined in a single LCD panel with a flash drive inserted, are also used. But for serious consumers, especially for chain stores with a large number of distributed locations, such solutions are not acceptable. Most often, within a single retail chain or transportation company, content is played centrally according to pre-prepared scenarios and schedules that take into account the psychology of human perception.

It means that with all the apparent simplicity of the scheme of work Digital Signage media players solve a number of complex tasks from the guaranteed receipt of complex content through the network of often high resolution and guaranteed quality playback on information display devices.

Industrial mini PCs from Polywell Computers fully meet the requirements of Digital Signage media players. They are distinguished by high performance, high reliability due to the use of industrial grade components and are designed to work in a 365/24 mode. In contrast to many competitors, Polywell Computers openly publishes mean time between failures (MTBF) values for its systems. This is typically 100,000 hours. Some industrial mini PCs are fanless, resulting in low power consumption and quiet operation. A large number and range of I/O ports make it easy to connect a variety of external devices.

Selection of Polywell Computers mini PCs for Digital Signage by filter

Here you can select your system according to 32 parameters.

Start with the factor that is most important to you by selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down list. Products will be filtered and a list of systems that meet your first criterion will be provided. You can then specify other factors that are important to you. The first selection will be filtered through the subsequent factors one by one. It will show how many systems meet the criteria you set.

You can start over at any time by pressing either of the two “Reset” buttons.

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