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June 15, 2022

Polywell Computers introduces a line of PoE-powered computers

The current level of development of information technology, the Internet of Things, edge computing and its deep penetration into all production processes requires an extensive network of local computers located at the workplace or in the immediate vicinity of the facilities served

It’s not so obvious that installing any PC requires infrastructure support. In addition to an Ethernet cable, a power supply – at least one wire per PC and at least two electrical outlets (one per PC and one per monitor) are required. To this you must add switchboards, fuses and other electrical attributes. Electrical networks and devices require maintenance and revision, so you must add staff salaries and depreciation costs to operating costs. The cost of laying and maintaining electrical networks can be quite noticeable.

The need to solve these problems led to the emergence of a new class of computers – the so-called PoE computers. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. It is a networking feature that allows you to supply power over Ethernet cables. PoE was originally only used to power network devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones, etc. The evolution of the technology has allowed computers and monitors to be powered by PoE.

The advantages of powering a PC with PoE include:

  1. Сost-effectiveness. By eliminating the need for expensive electrical outlets, wiring, permits, and specially certified or licensed contractors, costs can be significantly reduced.
  2. Safety of use and deployment. PoE uses what is known as ultra-low voltage, making it safe for use in all workplaces, schools and universities, medical facilities, residences, and other environments.
  3. Convenient and familiar infrastructure. PoE computers connect to IP networks using TIA and ISO/IEC twisted pair cables (Category 6A and above recommended). Cable installers and technicians do not need additional training or qualifications.
  4. Accelerate project timeline. Since no electrical cabling is required, PoE computers can be installed in hours or days instead of weeks, significantly reducing project time and accelerating the payback period.
  5. Greener solution. PoE computers are energy efficient and consume on average less than half the energy of similar desktop computers.
  6. Greater flexibility and scalability. Moving computers around or adding devices when using PoE computers is instant and easy.
  7. Simplicity and cost-effectiveness of providing backup power. Instead of providing each PC with a separate UPS, it is sufficient to connect a PoE switch or other PoE generating equipment to a single UPS. Yes, this single powerful UPS will not be cheap, but it will in any case be cheaper than a large number of low-power UPSs.

Because of its unique advantages, PoE computers can replace most existing desktops in many industries. For example:

  • Security (no electrical cables or outlets required), low implementation cost, and consolidated backup power mean that critical PoE computers can be always on and available.
  • Internet of Things. PoE computers are often used in manufacturing environments where power points can be expensive and difficult to reach. Not having to be connected to a 220V/50Hz (110V/60Hz) power supply makes them safer to use in such environments.
  • Using PoE PCs and monitors as part of POS equipment will significantly reduce the cost of its deployment and operation.
  • Digital Signage and information kiosks. PoE computers will reduce the operating costs and time of introduction of digital signage and kiosks.
  • PoE computers are great for universities, colleges and schools because of their low power and safe low-voltage operation.
  • Thin clients (VDI). PoE computers are an ideal solution for thin clients (which are characterized by low requirements to processor power), working in different VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Particularly effective their use in business centers, where often with the change of tenants there is a need to redesign the workplace.

Development of PoE technology and higher power transfer rates certainly make PoE computers a very promising class of devices. Understanding this, Polywell Computers pays a lot of attention to introducing models which support PoE power. PoE PCs are available both on Intel processors running Windows or Linux, as well as on ARM processors running Android.

You can read the specifications of PoE PCs and choose the right configuration by following this link.

Polywell Computers, Inc. (on the market since 1987) is one of the oldest and best-known manufacturers of computer equipment. The company is widely known not only in the U.S., but also in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Polywell Computers returned to EMEA market with mini-industrial grade PCs for different purposes. Our company’s PCs have all the necessary permits. Some systems are certified for Stratodesk operating system.

The company has built its reputation by becoming a recognized leader in the PC market. Its products regularly participate in tests conducted by the most respected computer publications. The company regularly receives many awards, such as PC World’s Best Buy, PC Magazine-Editor’s Choice, and Infoworld-Buyers’ Assurance Seals.

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