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Polywell 140E

Chassis 7.0"(W) x 7.0"(D) x 1.4"(H)

Featured Highlights

• Dimensions: 7.0"(W) x 7.0"(D) x 1.4"(H)
• One 2.5" HD/Solid State Drive Bay
• Built-in DC to DC Converter
• DC12V 5A Power Adapter
• Color: Black (Custom colors available with special order)

Models that may be built in this chassis

ModelProcessorChipsetMemoryGraphicsNetworkM.2 (8 = 2280, 4 = 2242, 6 = 2260)MSataUSB2.0USB3.0PortsExpansionOtherIOAudio
H310CAL26/7/8/9th Socket 1151H310C2 DDR4SOIntel UHD2 RealtekRTL8111H12 R2 R+2 F1 DP+1 HDMILPT/S5.1 ALC662
H310CA6/7/8/9th Socket 1151H310C2 DDR4SOIntel UHD1 RealtekRTL8111H14 R2 R+2 F1 DP+1 HDMILPT/S5.1 ALC662
H370L28/9th Socket 1151H3702 DDR4Intel UHD 6301 Inteli219V+1 Inteli211AT+11ac WiFi/BT16 R2 R+2 H6 R+2 H2 HDMI+1 DPPCIe 16x1xPS/2+TPM7.1 ALC892
H310A18/9th Socket 1151H3101 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Inteli219V124 H4 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 VGA/H+1 LVDS/H5.1 ALC662
H370L2G8/9th Socket 1151H3702 DDR4Intel UHD 6302 Intel+11ac WiFi/BT24 R2 H4 R+2 H1 HDMI2.0+1 HDMI+1 DPPCIe 16xTPM7.1 ALC1220
H310E28/9th Socket 1151H3102 DDR4Intel UHD 6301 RealtekRTL8111H2-844 R+1 H2 R+1 H1 DVI+1 HDMI+1 VGAPCIe 16x+PCIe 1x1xPS/2+TPM7.1 ALC887
H310G8/9th Socket 1151H3102 DDR4Intel UHD 6301 Inteli219V+11ac WiFi/BT142 R+2 H2 R+2 H1 DP+1 HDMI+1 DVIPCIe 16x1xPS/27.1 ALC887
H310L48/9th Socket 1151H310 Q3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6304 Inteli2112-814 H2 R+2 F1 VGAMiniPCIe+PCIe 4xGPIO5.1 ALC662
H310A8/9th Socket 1151H310C2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Realtek1-8/6-NVMe22 R+5 H2 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 DP+1 LVDSTPM7.1 ALC887
H310AEL28/9th Socket 1151H310 Q3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 Inteli2112-814 R+2 H2 R+2 F1HDMI+1DP+1VGA/H+1LVDS/HPCIe 4xTPM5.1 ALC662
H310CA66/7/8/9th Socket 1151H310C1 DDR4SOIntel UHD1 RealtekRTL8111H1B24 H4 R1 HDMI+1 VGA+1 LVDS/H5.1 ALC662
H470L2G11th/10th Socket 1200H4702 DDR4Integrated2 Intel+11ac WiFi/BT2-6/84 R1 H4 R+1 H2 HDMI+1 DPPCIe 16xTPM7.1 ALC1220
H410A110th Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 ReltekRTL8111F124R2R+2F1 DP + HDMILPT/S5.1 ALC662
H410AL210th Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 RealtekRT8111H12R2R+2F1 HDMI+1DP/VGAOption: LPT/S5.1 ALC662
H410A10th Gen Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 630RealtekRTL8111F + WiFi14R2R + 2FHDMI + DP/VGA5.1 ALC662
H410L210th Gen. Socket-SH4102 DDR4SOIntel® Gen9.5 Intel® Graphics DX 12*, OGL4.52 LAN + Wifi6 AX201 802.1124H4RHDMI + DP + VGAPCIe 3.0 x165.1 ALC662
H670L2Socket-S 12th GenH670 Chipset2 DDR4, up to 64GBUHD 770/730/7102.5GbE LAN + 1GbE LAN, WiFi 6E2 M.2 2280 NVMe4 R + 1 H2 R + 1 HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
H610DSocket-S 12th GenH610 Express2 DDR4, up to 128GBUHD 770/730/710Gigabit LAN + ac WiFi/BTM.2 2280 NVMe2R + 1HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 4.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
H610VSocket-S 12th GenH610 Express2 DDR4, up to 64GBUHD 770/730Gigabit LANM.2 2280 NVMe4R + 2H2R + 1HHDMI 2.1 + 2 DP 1.2 + VGAPCIe 4.0 x16TPM7.1 Audio
H610V3Alder LakeH6102 DDR4SOUHD 770/730Realtek® RTL8125B3 R2 R2 HDMI, DPRealtek® ALC897
H610AAlder LakeH6102 DDR4SOIntel® 12th Gen Xe Graphics UHD 770/730/7101 LAN + WiFi/BT14 R1 HDMI + 1 VGA17.1 ALC897
H610L2Alder LakeH6102 DDR4 U-DIMMUHD 770/7302 LANM.2-2280/22423 R2 R2 HDMI, DPALC897
H610AL212th Gen Socket-S seriesH6102 DDR4 SODIMMUHD2 LAN+WiFi/BT+5G/4GNVMe/SSD/2.5"SATA SSD/HD2 R2 F2 HDMI, DP2 COM7.1 ALC897
Z690L2Socket-S 12th GenZ690 Express2 DDR4UHD 770/730/710Dual Gigabit LAN + ax WiFi6EHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
Z690GSocket-S 12th GenZ690 Express2 DDR5, up to 128GBUHD 770/730/7102.5GbE LAN + WiFi 6E2 M.2 2280 NVMe1H5R + 1HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4 + Thunderbolt 4ALC1220 (7.1)
Z690L2V4Intel Socket-S LGA1700Z690 Chipset2 DDR5UHD 770/730/7102 LAN + WiFi 6E2 M.2 22802 H6 R + 2 H2 HDMI 2.0 + 2 DPPCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
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